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Information in real life is chaotic, fragmented and undependable...

Making important decisions can be overwhelming. Many problems involve a large number of interrelated issues or ideas. The human brain at its best can deal with a maximum of about 7 ideas at once. This limits our ability to understand the full situation and formulate productive solutions based on logic. Computers can assist the human brain to understand information that is often:

Sorach has been developing tools and techniques for over 15 years that can help untangle complex situations to allow executives, researchers and all knowledge workers to make important decisions based on logic and insight. We invite you to explore our site, including the resources pages.

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Using Concept Star

Decisions based on knowledge, logic, and insights

Concept Star decision support software is used by knowledge-workers, academic researchers, executives and consultants. It creates a visual representation of a complex problem. Concept Star can be used in a team, or as a personal tool. Several modeling tools including Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM) are included in the software

Using Concept Star


Introduction to ISM (2 minutes)
Background of ISM (5 minutes)
Using ISM software (2 minute audio)

Concept Star applications

Concept Star is a general purpose decision making tool. Its applications depend on the user's experience with this tool. A few applications are depicted here for exploration.

Concept Star is used by executives, consultants, and universities around the globe since 1998.

Concept Star uses