Sorach RSS Feed

What is RSS and why should I use it?

RSS is a way for users to subscribe to 'what is new' type of information from sites that they are interested in.

This technology reduces the email overload and you get to choose your information.

Your RSS reader will automatically update your lists when something new has been published by one of your favourite sies. For example, when a new article or book review is published by Sorach, your reader list can provide an alert or an update of your list with the published Title, Description, Date and Time.

To use this technology, you need a Reader - many free RSS readers are availale including My Yahoo reader.

You just need to cut and paste the RSS link (generally with ext type XML) into your reader window to activiate your RSS feed. Many features of RSS-readers make it easy to keep up with the subjects of your choice.

For connecting the SORACH RSS feed to your Reader please paste the link below into your RSS reader.

SORACH publishes new items on business, management, consulting and other subjects every week or more frequently. You are invited to check out our affiliated article site:

Where can I find a RSS reader

A wide range of RSS readers can be easily downloaded from the Web. Some readers are Web-based while others require you to download a small software program onto your desktop. Most are free to use. (Several readers require Microsoft's .NET framework on your computer. They may be slightly more complicated to install if you do not have .NET.) Google and Yahoo! both offer comprehensive lists of RSS readers. A few sample readers are also offered below for the purpose of evaluation:

  Pluck -
  SharpReader -
  Awasu - (Windows)
  Bloglines - (All OS, browser-based)
  Amphetadesk - (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  RSS Reader - (Windows .NET)
  NetNewsWire - (Mac OS X)

While we publish news as it happens, your RSS reader determines how often it will retrieve the latest headlines. You can adjust the update frequency in many RSS readers.