Concept Star
Based on Proven Principles

Some Concept Star Customers

  • South Westphalia University - Germany
  • Nortel Networks - Canada
  • Ohio State University - U.S.A
  • Logicon Inc - U.S.A
  • National Ground Water Assn - USA
  • University of Central England - UK
  • Consultario y Disemode - Mexico
  • E. K. Ward and Associates - U.S.A
  • Cadbury - Rep of South Africa
  • Turin Networks - U.S.A
  • Tamkang University - Taiwan
  • Universidad Autonoa de…- Mexico
  • East88 Canada Limited - Canada
  • Concept Multimedia - Brazil
  • University of Ottawa - Canada
  • Northrop Grumman IT - U.S.A
  • Telity - Malasia
  • Annamalai University - India
  • CIDA - Govt of Canada

Concept Star is used by consultants, executives, managers and educational institutions for decision-making and research. It is also used as a personal desktop tool by professionals.

Concept Star is the best ISM model creation tool available anywhere at any price. Its algorithm has been extended beyond Interpretive Structural Modeling. For example - secondary links. The secondary links feature allows the user to build a model using multiple relationships in one session.

Concept Star is unique. It synthesizes individual ideas into visual roadmaps and stories for action planning or further analysis.

Most decision tools are designed to divide and conquer - we call them fragmentation tools.
Concept Star is different - it links diverse ideas and issues (elements) into visual maps or stories that bring new insights for dealing with the problem or situation.