Concept Star Ordering Information

1.Concept Star Reader+Trial version 3.2 CD Download order (Works with all Windows versions-but on-line help may not work with some windows 10 versions- help information is contained in a pdf document with the package however.)

Who should buy Reader+Trial version?

This product is suitable for you if you want to use ISM as a desktop tool with limited sized models. It can also be useful in becoming familier with ISM technology. Use of ISM technology is guranteed to help you understand and make better decisions in complex situations.

If you are a consultant, you can provide copies of this version for your clients so that they can review and print ISM models that you create with them. It will also provide them with greater appreciation of the power of your techniques.

If you are an educator, you can order copies of this version for your students so that they can practice the process of creating an ISM and solve assignments that you give them. Special pricing is available for multiple copies of this version and open license for your organization.

  • Concept Star Reader+Trial version software works just like the professional version but is limited to a maximum of 15 elements for building models. It can open all sized models for all versions of Concept Star. However the models can not be saved.
  • It includes the User manual and ISM training book.
  • The full price of he trial version is refunded when you order the full version of Concept Star.
  • The Reader+Trial version CD is only available via download.
  • Price - 25.00 U.S. dollars (Credit card orders only)

    To order download of Reader+Trial version CD of Concept Star, please click Buy Reader+Trial CD (SECURE PAYMENT)


    2. Concept Star Professional Version 3.64 Software Orders (Recommended for Windows XP and newer windows versions (32bit and 64 bit Windows operating systems)

    Who should buy Concept Star Professional?

  • If you are an Executive, Manager, Consultant, or Knowledge worker, you need Concept star to get ahead in your area of expertise. In the past, ISM software was not affoardable by many organizations. In 1992 the company I worked with purchased ISM software for over US$75,000.00 plus many thousands in training. That software was difficult to use and did not have half as many algorithm features as Concept Star 3.2.
  • If you are a management consultant, YOU MUST HAVE IT.
  • If you are an educator in any area of busines management or sciences, you should have ISM technology as part of the curriculum.
  • The single user package includes:

  • CD - Concept Star 3.64 Professional with Single user license
  • User manual
  • ISM training book
  • Hard copy (printed) package Single User License Price - 619.00 U.S. dollars + Shipping (Credit card orders)

    Download version Single user License - 570.00 U.S. dollars (Credit card orders)

    Hard copy package 10 User Site License Price - 1984.00 U.S. dollars (Courier Shipping is free) (Credit card orders)

    To order Concept Star Professional, (all above packages) click here Buy Concept Star 3.64 Professional with credit card SECURE PAYMENT


    3. Structured Decision Making with ISM - Implementing the core of Interactive Magement - Book

    A download copy of version 1 of this book is included in the items 1 above. The quickest way to get an electronic copy of this book in PDF format is to purchase the item 1 above.

  • Updated version (printed copy) of this book is available from Amazon. Reader+Trial version of the software is also included with the book at Amazon.
  • To view the table of contents of the downloadable book in Items 1 and 2 click here...View the table of contents of this book

    To check out this book on Amazon click here...View this book on Amazon